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Supported banks
Make sure to open an account and arrange authorizations with a bank that offers the Halcom MultiPay solution.
Addiko bank
BKS bank
Delavska hranilnica
Get in touch with your bank
if you can not find it on the list.
Hal E-Bank users
MultiPay registration
Existing Hal E-Bank users can simply register with an existing certificate.
New users
Choose a digital certificate
The next step is to select how you want to log in to the Halcom MultiPay app.
Halcom One
Order Halcom One
Qualified digital certificate in the cloud.
Recommended for macOS users
One for All
Order One for All
Qualified digital certificate on a smart card or USB key.
Halcom MultiPay user portal
User portal
Logging in to the user portal allows you to select the accounts you wish to use in the Halcom MultiPay app. Through the portal you can also activate the Halcom MultiPay mobile app.
Halcom MultiPay web app
Web app
Start your banking transactions right away. The Halcom MultiPay web app enables fast and secure business operations in a modern and easy way.