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Multiple accounts, one app

Are you tired of wasting valuable time and eager to set off on the path to modern digital banking?

We have the best solution for your needs. Halcom MultiPay is a multi-bank solution for businesses, which provides access to several bank accounts through different channels. It can be used as an extension of the Hal E-Bank electronic bank or as a stand-alone web and mobile solution.

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What are the benefits of using Halcom MultiPay?

Easy to use

Easy and secure activation of the Halcom MultiPay web and mobile app. Activation with a qualified digital certificate via the Halcom MultiPay user portal will take you only a few minutes. 


Halcom MultiPay is the ideal companion for anyone who wants to increase efficiency in managing their finances. It allows for a quick overview of financial balance, transactions, payment archive, and payment execution.


Halcom MultiPay runs on major operating systems and web browsers and supports all Halcom qualified digital certificates. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an extension of your current use of the Hal E-Bank electronic bank. 


Halcom MultiPay has been developed in accordance with the highest EU safety requirements and regulations: eIDAS, GDPR, RTS, and PSD2. High security is provided by way of two-factor authentication using a Halcom qualified certificate which can either be saved on a smart card, USB key, or in the cloud (Halcom One).

How do I get started?

Log in to the user portal
Select the accounts you want to use
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Don’t forget to activate your mobile app

Halcom MultiPay mobile app

A great solution for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes who want to simplify their financial operations and have complete control and overview of their finances anytime, anywhere. The Halcom MultiPay mobile app allows fast payments using the Photo pay function. Via push notifications, the app also ensures you stay informed about batches pending your authorization and received e-invoices.

Halcom MultiPay mobile application
Halcom One

Halcom One

Would you like to set off on the path of state-of-the-art digital banking?
Halcom One is a digital certificate and an e-identity in the cloud which allows you to easily use the Halcom MultiPay solution.
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More than a web bank

A comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes who wish to have a quick overview of the financial situation and obligations of each of their entities, all in one place.
The Halcom MultiPay web app will enable you to view all the accounts the selected company holds with different banks and check all batches pending your authorization in ‘My Folder’.
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"Halcom MultiPay? Yes, this is something that has changed our lives. We have everything in one place and as an accountant to 15 clients I no longer have to wait for their signatures. I prepare a batch and send it to them via Halcom MultiPay. Now the directors have downloaded the app on their mobile phones and they can sign the batches anywhere and anytime. I hope this solution will soon be available for all banks in Slovenia, as we still have to send some batches via email, which can be tricky to use."
Matej Mlakar, BA Svetovanje


"I work for an online sales company and spend most of my time on the road looking for new products. In the past, I had to stay at the office for at least half a workday every week just sorting out the bank stuff, which was quite a hassle. Ever since I got Halcom MultiPay, things are much easier. I always know what my account balance is and who the transfer came from. I can pay the bills while I’m on the go, and when I come home, I can really focus on my family. Halcom MultiPay saves me time and money, which means we can offer more to our clients."
Marjana Ogorevc Žgalin, Spletična


“At Skupinska praksa we started using the Halcom MultiPay solution more than six months ago. Since we provide financial management and accounting for our physicians, it is crucial for us that the solution enables overviews of multiple accounts at one place. We began using the remote signing service in Hal E-Bank. Doctors sign batches through the Halcom MultiPay web app, which saves them a lot of time. Sadly, the bank through which we operate does not have the mobile channel yet, but we are really looking forward to it!”
Ameli Randelj, Skupinska praksa

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